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The standards for dress code at Community Christian School allow for a modest and uniform look to our student body. The requirements for 6th-12th grade students are more specific than for the lower grade levels. Please read the 着装规范 requirements in the student handbooks or by using the links below to make sure that you understand the specific rules of the dress code to avoid any confusion.

Peace signs are not allowed on clothing, backpacks, jackets, etc.

学前教育: Dress code for Preschool children allows for comfortable, modest dress.  学生 may not wear costumes, dress up clothes, or pajamas.  No halter tops, strapless or spaghetti strap shirts/dresses.  Clothing may not display words or TV personalities.  Parents of preschool students will receive additional instruction at the August Parent Orientation.

Click here for 2023-2024 小学 and 中学 (Kindergarten - 7th grade) 着装规范 details.

Click here for 2023-2024 二次 (8th-12th grade) 着装规范 details.

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